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Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a cultivating once in a lifetime experience by  bringing diverse, top quality professional entertainment to venue owners, event managers, and captive audiences across the world.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Management Team:

Vice President of Business Development & Litigation
Wesley Harper

I work closely with the President and CEO in setting the strategic direction of the organization’s development efforts, evaluating appropriate ways to build and secure financial resources and partnerships to support Eau Inferno Entertainment's mission, institutional goals and priorities. I also represent and advise the management team in all legal matters pertaining to the daily operations of Eau Inferno Entertainment Group. 

General Manager - CEO
OraLeesa Patterson Gardner

I am the core and connecting power of Eau Inferno Entertainment Group. I manage the daily and long-term operation of the company. On a day-to-day basis, I manage staff, work schedules and delegating tasks. When it comes to long-term management, my role is to establish departmental policies, yearly objectives, areas of opportunity and goals related to sales and budgeting. I also manage the talent pool by implementing structure for their goals and aspirations. 

Hospitality Director & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Steve Turner

I am responsible for the hospitality of the artist and responsible for the artist image brand management, project brainstorm meetings, project budgets, and executions of the project. I am also responsible for hiring and communicating with the production team (ie. makeup-artist, hair stylist, wardrobe specialist, photographer, videographer, cinematographer) before, during, and after the projects. I am also over all press access for Eau Inferno Entertainment Group. 

Jabbar Daniels

I organize and update financial records as needed digitally and physically within Eau Inferno Entertainment Group. I analyze transactions and prepare reports. I perform regular, detailed audits to ensure accuracy in financial documents, expenditures and investments. I also forecast revenue and analyze profit margins. I participate in budgeting processes with the management executives. 

President - Producer - Owner
Searvaxter Charles Gardner Jr. 

I am the creator and visionary of Eau Inferno Entertainment Group (EIEG). I ensure that the honesty and integrity of EIEG is maintained at all times. I am responsible for managing the process for creative development, support, and engagement of our management team.  

I have several roles as a producer that include audio, video, graphics, choreography, etc. 

My goal is to leave a lasting remarkable memory for each viewer of our talented artist.

EIEG was built on the foundation of a family-friendly environment. 


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