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William Isaiah Trice is a vocalist, musician, and educator whose artistic diversity reflects the versatility of his character. He combines African and Caribbean folk music, Opera, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Gospel/Spiritual, and R&B/Soul to bring a unique and moving experience to any audience. A native of Maxton, North Carolina, by way of Washington, D.C., Trice strives to grow and create music that reflects his spiritual journey as a man. Even as a small child, Trice’s family & friends knew he had a natural talent for music. It is safe to say that his mother had a great influence on her son’s widespread interests. Mama always used to say, "when you stop trying to learn, you become dumb." So as he grew older, he pursued an education heavily focused on music. Trice has earned degrees from both Morehouse College and East Carolina University in music, with an emphasis in the vocal arts. Committed to building his community, he later taught at both Guilford Technical Community College & North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT). However, he is always called back to his career as a performing artist and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When Trice isn’t singing, he spends his free time dancing, whistling, & hiking.He has been fortunate to share the stage with established artists and ensembles including: T-Pain, Ziggy Marley, Brother J (X Clan), Jurassic 5, Uprite Lions, Abyss, Saul Williams, Darius McCrary, and many more. Trice also serves as an independent voice instructor, and guest teacher for the Clark County School District. He currently resides in Las Vegas where he is working on a solo LP, Magnetiq Musiq. Trice says, “When I leave a stage, I hope the audience feels the sincere and genuine innergy I am putting forward...I want them to feel hope, to understand that they are not alone…”.


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